At Escoe Bliss, building partnerships is a critical element our business. We have meaningful connections with all of our strategic partners and take great pride in the tools they provide. Escoe Bliss has the confidence to recommend these programs because we have experienced and tested them first hand. Our strategic partners are innovators and experts that have developed a product that we believe is a proven value add to any program.


One of the factors currently impacting the workforce is the many generations that make up our teams and our companies. Harnessing the experience and knowledge that each generation brings will help you close the generation gap. By providing information that can be used as an ongoing reference, along with easy to follow audio support, and Sage Advice™ in a compact format, these powerful but straightforward resources provides you the ability to engage and effectively lead right now!

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Teams are the future of organizational work…And GO Team® is the future of teams! With 18 team-critical topics, GO Team® is your complete team-training and teambuilding resource. GO Team supports all kinds of organizational teams — from brand new teams to those who have been together for a while. It’s a just in time training resource, which means that you select the module that is most urgent to the team, right now – kind of like delivering an antibiotic directly at the point of need. Whether you are part of a Fortune 100 global corporation, a small school board, or a local government agency, GO Team will equip any intact team held accountable to a common purpose.

This isn’t like traditional training! There are no PowerPoints, and no lectures. All of the learning is active, dialogue-based, and driven by the members of the team.

For more information on how you can incorporate the Go Team modules into your team development call Escoe Bliss – 949.336.6444949.336.6444!